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Are you ready for firework season?

Pet Advice for Firework Season

The unpredictability and volume of fireworks nearby can often make us jump. Just imagine how scary these sudden loud noises and bright flashes would be if they occurred ‘out of the blue’ without you having the concept of why they are happening or when they might happen.

When pets cannot find a behaviour that ‘works’ to reduce their feelings of anxiety and associated stress response, they may dash about from place to place, going to their owner, going behind the sofa, running outside, panting and shaking and remaining highly stressed.

Your pet does not understand why the noises are happening and where they are coming from. Sedatives can be recommended for short term use in extreme cases.
We at Arun Veterinary Group believe prevention is better than cure and would actively encourage all owners of fearful dogs and cats to assist in reducing their fear by implementing long term behavioural modification therapy.

Throughout October we will be offering a complimentary consultation with our nurses to discuss your pet’s fears and developing a short and longer term management plan.  We will also be posting tips on our facebook page throughout October.
Please call one of the surgeries to book an appointment.

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