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Help! I need my vet out of hours


As a pet owner you hope that the worst will never happen but what if your cat does come home with a major injury, your dog cannot stop vomiting or your rabbit collapses and even worse, what if these serious situations happen out of normal daytime hours?

At Arun Vet Group we take great pride in the decision to run our own independent on-site emergency service where our approachable friendly team are always available when the need arises.

State-of-the-art veterinary hospital is always open, we are always on-site and always ready and prepared to receive your call.

At night and during weekends and bank holidays the Arun Vet Group team hand over to our sister service, South Downs Emergency Vets, who provide seamless continuity of care and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

South Downs Emergency Vets is staffed by a team of experienced vets and nurses who all have a particular interest in emergency and critical care and either hold or are working towards extra qualifications in this challenging field meaning they are experienced at handling a variety of emergency situations.  Acute medical problems, trauma, seizures, ingestion of toxic materials, difficulty whelping or kittening for an owner all of these can be incredibly anxious situations however our vets and nurses have the knowledge and skills to deal with them.

What’s more, South Downs Emergency Vets is a service available to all pets regardless of whether they are registered at Arun Vet Group or another local practice.  There is no expectation to register at Arun Vet Group following treatment at South Downs Emergency Vets and our team will liaise with and pass care back to your regular veterinary surgery where and when appropriate.

With the above in mind, there is no need to sit at home worrying and hoping everything will be ok until the morning. A phone call is all it takes to speak to our team on duty in the hospital who will be able to offer advice or arrange to see your pet straight away. All telephone advice is complimentary. We are all pet owners ourselves and understand the emotional impact theses unexpected situations can have and we want to reassure you that we are always available if you have a genuine concern.

The welfare of our patients is our paramount concern but we are also acutely aware of the financial implications of providing emergency treatment and therefore, subject to the severity of the emergency, we are duty bound to inform you of the consultation cost during the telephone conversation. On arrival and following examination of your pet, we will agree a treatment plan with your informed consent.

Just like a human emergency and critical care facility we have a wide range of diagnostic tools available including digital radiography, ECG as well as ultrasonography, and if your pet needs emergency surgery, the operating theatre and recovery area is ready for use 24 hours a day.

The hospital has a comprehensive integrated laboratory ensuring we can run a variety of tests on-site and have results available in many cases while you wait. Our reception area has comfortable seating, TV and WiFi and we also provide complimentary refreshments should you need to wait whilst diagnostic tests are run.

Should your pet need to be hospitalised overnight, we have dedicated dog and cat wards with design features specific to their needs including environmental temperature control, enriched oxygen environments, sound proofing and quiet classical music.  With dimmable lights and wireless CCTV we can constantly monitor our patients without disturbing them unnecessarily. We are always happy to show you our facilities should you wish to see behind the scenes.

We passionately believe in providing our clients with a welcoming and reassuring environment during what can be a very stressful time. Our emergency out of hours team share the same values and ethos as our daytime team and are committed to ensuring that your pet receives excellent treatment and that you are provided with regular communication whilst your pet is in our care.

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