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What happens if your dog is brought into the surgery as a stray?

During normal working hours

If a stray dog is brought into the surgery during normal working hours we will immediately scan the dog for a microchip.  If all the relevant details are correct we will be able to contact the owner immediately.

If the details are incorrect or we are unable to contact the owner, we will contact Hammer Pond kennels who work with the council to take in stray dogs.  The release fee is £100 on the first day following admission, further costings are available via their website.  If they take in a stray dog and can’t trace an owner, they will keep them in boarding kennels for a period of 7 days.  If not claimed, efforts will be made thereafter to re-home the dog.

More information can be found at

Outside normal working hours

If we are contacted out of hours and are called out to identify a stray dog, the duty veterinary surgeon will endeavour to locate the owner immediately.  This may involve the owner being contacted outside of normal working hours and asked to attend the practice to collect their dog.  A release fee of £150 will be charged on collection of your dog, which is discounted bearing in mind the cost involved to provide 24-hour emergency care for our clients.

Does my dog require identification?

Your dog must wear a collar and tag by law when out in a public place, which includes the owner’s contact details. This information will assist the relevant authorities to re-unite you with your dog.

In addition to wearing a collar and tag, it is now compulsory by law that your dog must be micro-chipped so it can be easily identified.  It is also a legal requirement to ensure your details are kept up to date.

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