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How do I dispose of my pets unused medication?


We are sometimes asked by clients if we can accept returned, unused drugs for credit.

Please note that we are unable to accept medications for resale after they have left our premises and consequently do not offer refunds.

This is primarily for reasons of safety. Firstly of course we have no way to determine if product may have been tampered with but mostly it is because all drugs have storage conditions such as ambient temperature and exposure to light that must be adhered to ensure the product does not loose efficacy.

We take great care within our practice pharmacy storage to ensure that drugs are stored appropriately with air conditioning locally, refrigeration and protection from light. These areas are constantly monitored with appropriate thermometers. We simply have no way to ensure that these conditions have been kept at home and we are sure that you, as a concerned client, would want to know that we are dispensing drugs to you that we are confident have been stored appropriately.

We are of course more than happy to receive unused drugs for disposal. It may at times seem a waste to dispose of returned drugs that have not been opened. Sadly regulations regarding the passing of drugs on to charities have been tightened up and we are unable to pass these products on as we may have done in the past.

For older patients on long term medications we suggest discussing the matter with your vet as we are sometimes able to dispense smaller quantities of certain drugs.

We hope this helps to explain our policy on this matter.

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