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Hyperthyroidism in cats


Beautiful Miya is 14 years old.

Miya is a regular patient of our Worthing branch and regularly visits cat crazy vet Colleen.

Miya’s very attentive Mum had recently noticed that Miya had been slowly losing weight. Very often owners mistakenly put this down to a cat getting older and just part of ‘old age’. Fortunately in Miya’s case, her Mum made an appointment to bring her in a for a check up and it was discovered by a blood test that Miya has an overactive thyroid gland.

Hyperthyroidism is a relatively common condition found in older cats. The thyroid gland sits near the trachea (throat) and is responsible for producing hormones that control a cats metabolic rate. Hyperthyroidism is a term used to describe a condition where the thyroid gland has become overactive, leading to a dramatic increase in metabolic rate. The most common symptom of this is weight loss and an increased appetite. However sometimes the symptoms are subtle and this condition is often picked up during a routine annual health check such as at a booster vaccination appointment.

Once a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism has been made it is important that your cats condition is managed either surgically (removal of the thyroid gland) or by medication. Left untreated the condition can become fatal and early diagnosis is key to ensure other organs are not affected.

Thanks to Miya’s Mum swift treatment, Miya is doing very well indeed and is starting to gain weight. Colleen will need to keep a check on Miya’s thyroid levels in the coming weeks and months but so far Miya’s levels are looking fantastic and back to within the normal range.

Well to Miya and Mum!

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