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Interview with receptionist Jenny

Jenny Clayton - Arun Vet Group

How long have you worked at Arun Veterinary Group?

I have been working at Arun Veterinary Group now for 34 ½ years (don’t forget the ½). During my time I have had 4 different bosses.

What are the key changes you have seen over the last 34 ½ years?

Modern technology has to be the biggest change I have seen. When I started everything was written down on individual cards, filing thankfully is now a thing of the past. Another big change has been the ability for us to be able to run blood tests in house. We used to have to wait days for basic blood tests to come back to us, sometimes at the cost of the animal’s health.

Is there a specific case you have seen over the years that sticks in your mind?

Oddly a Monkey. It was many years ago and a client owned a little monkey. Sadly, the little chap was very poorly and did not make it. I also vividly remember Matt and the turkey he had to x-ray.

What has kept you in the job for so long?

I would have to say the people, clients and staff alike. It’s a great family atmosphere between the staff and this has remained over the years. When my husband passed away a few years ago the staff here were what helped me through. It is a challenging job at times, but never boring! I get great satisfaction from the job and it is very rewarding especially when you see an animal recover against the odds. The Christmas parties are always a good time.

What do you feel is the most important skill you have acquired as a receptionist?

Staying calm in a difficult situation and being compassionate. This job can be tough some days but hugely rewarding on others. I know I have to retire at some point but right now I am happy.

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