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Missy, a lovely wire-haired Visla gave her owners a bit of a scare this Christmas period. After a very short period of vomiting and lethargy, Missy suddenly deteriorated, leading to an emergency visit to Arun Veterinary Group.

It was discovered that Missy was bleeding into her abdomen due to a ruptured mass on her spleen and her body was struggling to keep up with the rapid blood loss. She required emergency surgery to remove her spleen and due to the amount of blood loss, Missy presented as a poor surgical candidate.

Thankfully, Jasper a handsome Dalmatian belonging to Katie our vet, was on hand to help. Jasper donated 500ml of his blood to provide Missy with a transfusion which afforded the stability she needed to pull through the operation.

Although this story has a happy ending, many others may not. Without having had access to blood so quickly, Missy may not have been able to spend Christmas with her owners this year, or indeed ever again. We never know when blood may be needed and it is often a struggle to locate an appropriate donor dog. Sadly, we are unable to effectively store blood and we rely on donors to help, often in emergency situations.

If you are interested in including your dog on our donor register then please contact the surgery. To become a donor your dog needs to be fit and healthy, over 25kg and under 8 years of age, with a temperament that would allow us to draw blood with them conscious. The process takes between 15-20 minutes, and is performed by injecting local anaesthetic around the site, then inserting a needle into the jugular vein situated in the neck.

Missy’s owners tell us she is getting better day by day and we hope she will soon return to her normal self. We are also hopeful the Dalmatian spots will fade soon, but who knows… new year new you after all!


  • I am very happy to confirm that Missy has had a lovely Christmas thanks to the team at Arun and especially to Suzanna who saved the day. A very Happy New Year to you all.

    • Matthew Gittings

      Great news.

  • Matt happy new year, you can always give me a call if you need blood always happy to help Regards lyn atherton

    • Matthew Gittings

      Happy new year. Thank you Lynn that is good to know.

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