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Kind words and a brilliant recovery


Roxy is a very pretty Rottweiler and has been under the care of lead Pulborough vet, Richard.

Roxy had been experiencing some lameness on one of her back legs recently after playing with another dog. Initially after a telemedicine appointment during lockdown, Roxy’s owner was resting her alongside administering some anti inflammatory medication Richard had prescribed.

After a short period of rest, Roxy didn’t appear to be showing significant improvement so Richard advised Roxy came in for the morning for him to examine and xray her leg under a general anaesthetic. Unfortunately as Richard suspected Roxy had ruptured her cruciate ligament which is a band of fibrous tissue attaching the femur to the tibia. The cruciate ligament stabilises the knee joint, preventing it from rotating or over extending.

Sometimes in certain breeds of dog or from jumping or turning awkwardly the ligament can rupture causing the knee to become unstable resulting in pain and difficulty in walking. Cruciate ligament injuries are one of the most common causes of hindlimb lameness in dogs seen in practice and also a very popular injury for footballers!

Not all ruptures require surgical intervention and sometimes rest – alongside physiotherapy from our qualified physiotherapist, Becky – can help. However in Roxy’s case, and especially in larger dogs, surgical intervention is required.

Richard went on to refer Roxy on to our multidisciplinary hospital in Storrington where advanced practitioner and surgical certificate holder, Edric, would repair Roxy’s knee in the coming days. We are extremely proud at Arun to be able to offer these type of complex surgeries normally only performed in referral centres, alongside our fantastic team of experienced GP vets.

We are delighted to report that Roxy’s TPLO surgery couldn’t have gone better and  Edric, did a great job of repairing her knee.

A few days ago we received these kind words from  Roxy’s Mum, Tracy.

Please take a moment to read.

“I Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the staff at Pulborough and Storrington for looking after Roxy so well after her cruciate ligament surgery.

You don’t need me to tell you how special this little girl is to me having read the Daily Star article. So it’s fair to say I was a bundle of nerves and full of anxiety when I realised just how badly she had
been injured and the need for surgery and all the potential complications of anaesthetic and her care post surgery.

From the moment I met Edric, I was reassured that Roxy was in the best hands. We have had excellent customer service no matter who I have spoken to – from the receptionists who are welcoming and friendly at both sites, to the clinical staff who manage to pull off that delicate balance between being kind, caring and compassionate yet professional and informative.

So much goes on behind the scenes that it’s impossible to thank everybody involved in getting Roxy back on her (four) feet but in particular, I would like to bring to your attention Chelsea and Richard at Pulborough and Edric, Jackie, Becky and Chloe at Storrington for their kindness and expertise.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Tracy & Roxy (furever loyal customers lol – though not too many visits

A huge thank you Tracy and Roxy. We are thrilled with your rapid recovery and the team are most appreciative of your email.

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