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Lara’s Emergency Pyometra


Lara is 10 years old and a couple of weeks ago her attentive owner noticed something was wrong. Lara had suddenly started to lose weight, and had stopped eating. She was also drinking more than usual. Without any delay her owner made an appointment to see AVG Lead Vet, Lisa, at our Westergate branch.

After a thorough examination and a detailed clinical history, Lisa had palpated a large abnormal structure within Lara’s abdomen. During the consultation Lisa learnt that Lara had been through her season 6 weeks ago so the suspicion of a condition called a ‘Pyometra’ was top of the list. In-house, diagnostic blood tests were performed by our qualified nursing team which revealed a high white blood cell count. This confirmed Lara had a serious infection.

What is a Pyometra?

A pyometra is a serious infection of the uterus which can be fatal without immediate veterinary attention. In Lara’s case she had something we call a ‘closed’ pyometra. This means her cervix remained closed and no discharge or obvious reasons for her being unwell could be seen by her owner. This condition is just one of the reason why we advise bitches are neutered.

Without any delay Lara was swiftly taken to our theatre at Westergate where AVG vet Marloes performed surgery.

We are pleased to report that Lara made an incredible recovery and this photograph is of her just 24 hours after her life saving surgery.

We would like to say a big well done to her owner for acting swiftly and bringing her in to see us as soon as she noticed something was wrong. Like many conditions and emergency situations, time really is off the essence!
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