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Oscar overcomes pancreatitis

This super handsome boy is Oscar.
Oscar is a pretty special cat and we’d love to share his story with you.
Oscar belongs to a vet who many years ago worked for us here at Arun. In the summer of 2007, Oscar’s dad was in the middle of a busy surgery (at what used to be our small Storrington branch) when a member of the public bought in a very sick, stray kitten. He had been found by the edge of the road looking very weak and the kind lady who found him felt sure he would need to be put to sleep. Oscar was not looking well and was very underweight. Oscar’s dad recalls the moment he looked up at him – at that moment he knew he would take him home and give him a chance.
Fast forward almost 13 years and Oscar is a very fine, handsome chap. Living the life of Riley with his brothers Max and Toby.
Although still a vet, Oscar’s dad no longer works ‘in practice’. Despite living just over 20 miles away, Oscar’s dad still entrusts the care of his cats to us and drives the 40 minute journey to the practice when the cats are unwell.
Last week Oscar wasnt himself with a painful abdomen and raised temperature. Oscar’s dad brought him down to see us at Storrington. He was initially seen by our night vet Cameron as part of our night service ( South Downs Emergency Vets ) who admitted Oscar for fluids, blood tests, pain relief and some diagnostic tests. The following morning vets, Matt and Jenny took over the care of Oscar and with the assistance of ultrasound it was discovered that poor Oscar was suffering from a case of pancreatitis.
Pancreatitis is a condition we often term as ‘idiopathic’. This means that whilst it is a painful and a very worrying ailment, often there is no cause and no one really knows why it happens. Whilst reassuring, this can be quite frustrating for owners. This is not always the case and there can be other reasons. However in Oscar’s case he had no underlying health issue or trauma that could be causing this.
After spending a couple of days with us in our quiet cat only ward, Oscar started to feel much better and we were delighted to discharge him back to his 5 star home.
Oscar is continuing to make good progress and this week it was great to catch up with his dad to hear that he is back to patrolling his garden and raiding the treat packet!

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