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On Monday July 5th we were visited by a representative from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) as part of the Practice Standards Scheme.

One of the responsibilities of the RCVS is to ensure that vets and nurses are properly qualified and fit to practice. However, they also accredit veterinary practices that meet a set of very stringent standards, giving reassurance and peace of mind to clients of those practices choosing to participate in this scheme. In order to become accredited, a practice must volunteer for a rigorous inspection every four years and be subject to spot checks in between. Areas of inspection include hygiene standards, equipment, staff training, ongoing professional development, emergency cover and much more.

We are extremely proud to let our clients know that we passed outright and had some great feedback from the inspector, commenting that our Pulborough branch had a ‘friendly ethos between all staff, creating a very good, proactive team and helping to modernise this practice in a changing veterinary environment.’

Our Ashington branch underwent its first inspection since opening in May 2014 and also passed with flying colours. The RCVS representative was ‘very impressed with every aspect of this new veterinary practice – quite remarkable – they are already on a winning streak!’

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  • Well deserved then! Pulborough team are all excellent I have been a client over thirty five years with the practice with horses, dogs, and cats.
    I recently brought my labrador into Pulborough with an injured eye,who was swiftly seen and attended by Richard who was very good with him,he is not the easiest of dogs at the vets ,wriggles a lot! and with a painful eye he was even more difficult. The eye has healed up with no after effects.Thank you so much Richard I was really worried about him but after your explanation of the healing process I know a lot more about dogs eyes!

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