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Smudge copes with kidney disease

This adorable little cat is Smudge.
If you are a regular customer of Browns Natural Pet Store in Worthing then she may be familiar to you. Gorgeous girl Smudge enjoys spending her twilight years gracing the countertop of the Goring shop and sharing her love with all the customers.
Looking pretty amazing for 16 years, as you can imagine, being the resident cat of such a fabulous pet store, Smudge has been very well cared for by the Browns team and enjoys sampling all the delicious food and treats they offer.
A few months back the Brown family noticed Smudge wasn’t quite herself. After a consultation at our Worthing branch, it was discovered that Smudge was showing signs of chronic kidney disease and a plan was put into place of how we would manage this alongside her owners.
Sadly, a few weeks later the Brown family arrived at the shop to discover Smudge appeared to be blind. Smudge’s dad Rob brought her straight over to our Storrington hospital to see AVG owner Matt. Unfortunately one of the very important roles of the kidneys is to help maintain healthy blood pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure as it’s more commonly known, can cause bleeding into the eyes and retinal changes which can then sadly cause irreversible damage to the eyes including blindness.
Whilst this is difficult for any owner to come to terms with, this proved to be an even bigger curve ball for the Browns team as suddenly a plan needed to be put into place of how they would manage the situation with Smudge being resident cat assistant!
We are pleased to report that thanks to a joint effort from not just us but her family at Browns AND their customers, Smudge is stable on blood pressure medication and coping well with her condition. We will see Smudge on a very regular basis to monitor her blood pressure and ensure her medication is working effectively.
Any of you who’ve met Smudge in the shop will know what a sweet little cat she is and we all wish her well.

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