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Squid shares his feline charm


With valentines day just around the corner and then Easter following close behind, bouquets of flowers are often given as gifts at this time of year. We would like to remind you of the hazards of some common flowers – often in mixed bouquets and in this case lilies.

This cheeky chap is Squid and he belongs to our long serving, practice manager Liz. Recently Squid forgot he has a nice home of his own and went on a little jaunt in his neighbourhood – visiting a few houses, letting himself in and generally sharing his feline charm and love.

After a busy day running the hospital in Storrington, Liz returned home from work and was looking forward to putting her feet up when she suddenly noticed an extra, slightly more brighter patch, on Squids face. Liz knew instantly that this wasn’t a patch of ginger she was used to, and to her horror she realised very quickly Squid had been in contact with lily pollen in someone else’s house.

The pollen and petals are extremely toxic to cats and even the smallest amount ingested can cause organ failure. Even if the flowers are kept out of reach, the pollen will drop to the floor, allowing your cat to pick it up his or her paws. Cats also love to affectionally rub against plants and bushes and it appeared to be exactly what Squid had done.This toxicity applies to all lily varieties.

Liz took Squid straight down to our emergency hospital at Storrington. As well as being an independent practice, at Storrington we have emergency staff on site, most with additional qualifications in critical care and emergency medicine. Our staff are with your pets 24 hours a day and do not sleep during their shifts at night – ensuring our patients are monitored every hour of every day. Squid was admitted for blood tests and put straight on to IV fluids to help prevent any organ damage. Thankfully because of Liz’s swift action and the fact that our vets and nurses are ready and waiting, Squid is unlikely to be any worse for wear for his neighbourly hobnob!

This story is quite an important one and we would always urge you to call us if you notice any staining or unusual substances on your pet. Cats are famous for having dinner bowls in various homes and certainly the owner of the lily is in no way to blame.

Please take extra care with all bouquets of flowers, especially at his time of year when lilies feature in many bunches of cut flowers.


  • Thanks for letting us know. I don’t have a cat but always interested to hear of these types of things as ALWAYS invaluable, can’t have too much info to protect our loved ones. Thanks and hope Squid is all better now x

  • Hi… sorry.. on a different note… I’ve heard that some aromatherapy oils are poisonous to dogs….?? Is that true??? Thank you 😊

  • Hi,
    I thankfully haven’t had this problem but my mum had alerted me to the danger because she had read about it.
    I thought I’d look on line and there they have a long list of plants and flowers that are dangerous to put pets. It’s worth a quick look surely.
    My cat Milo loves to eat petals straight from the plant, so I make sure I only buy ones that are harmless. Hope this helps.


  • Thank you so much for all the valuable info

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