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Getting to the bottom of Captain Jacks discomfort

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We would like to introduce you to Captain Jack.

Jack (as we will call him) is a pretty special boy. Loved immensely by his Mum, Jack has many talents and has won many rosettes and awards in his 6 year life.

We first met Jack and his Mum just 4 weeks ago when Jack was distressed and had been experiencing difficulty when trying to pass faeces and he was in pain.

Jack came to see us as a second opinion after being referred to a specialist practice with a history of problems passing faeces and a concern of a possible mass in his rectum. Just two days after vet Jenny examined Jack and prescribed pain relief, Jack was booked in for an abdominal scan and investigations. It was quickly discovered that Jack was suffering from a condition called a perineal hernia.

A perineal hernia is when the there is a weakness in the wall of the perineum causing a pocket to form which can fill with impacted faeces, this in turn can cause pain and discomfort making passing faeces increasingly difficult. This can be caused by a number of reasons, most common in male dogs, particularly in unneutered dogs. In Jacks case, his Mum feels he has always struggled even since a puppy, however Jack was indeed uncastrated and his prostate appeared to be larger than normal.

Treatment for this condition is surgery which can often be long and complex with a risk of recurrence. The following day he was booked in for advanced practitioner and surgical certificate holder Edric to repair and neuter.

We are pleased to report that Jack’s surgery went according to plan, however just a few days later poor Jack suffered a further hernia on the opposite side – this time it was vet Christian who performed the surgery. Again, we were very happy with how the surgery went and Jack made our jobs very easy by continuously wagging his tail! Just a day later, Jack returned to his Mum at home.

Jack is continuing to make a good recovery at home, however he isn’t fully signed off quite yet and vet Christian will be keeping a close watch on his progress.

Well done Captain Jack and well done Mum, we fully appreciate the anguish and heartache these pets cause when they are poorly. Hopefully you can be rest assured that we always treat our patients like our own pets and we shower them with love and care.

What a star he is!

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