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The story of Poppy the surviver


Another story we posted about recently on our Facebook page was the story of Annie (as we named her) after she was bought in by a kind member of the public after being found left for dead in the middle of the A29. Because of her beautiful red coat the lady that found her initially thought she was a dead fox. Something made her stop to check and to her shock this pile of red fur was a poor little dog who was alive but injured.

The finder immediately rushed her to our Pulborough branch where she was checked over, and immediately transferred to our emergency team who were waiting at our 24 hour Storrington hospital. She was assessed, checked for a microchip, given emergency first aid and stabilised. Immediately on receiving stray dogs protocols are in place and our team log into the microchip database to obtain the confidential information held on these national databases to reunite stray dogs.

Sadly Annie’s microchip was not only very unusual but not registered. Anywhere.

We then waited for the phone call from her owner…….. This never came.

We reported her as found and we posted on our social media. You were all so very helpful and kind and we are still shocked that her posts were viewed by 178,000 people and shared 24,000 times! Thank you all so much.

We received information that it was very likely Annie’s microchip had been placed abroad. In he days that followed, many hours were spent trying to trace where she may have come from. We received great advice from Gatwick Animal Department, Identichip and many other organisations and charities. Identichip advised us that although her chip wasn’t registered she was also not reported as missing – this is something that can still be done even if a chip is unregistered.

Sadly with the information we were receiving it seemed highly likely Annie was a possibly a dog that had unofficially been imported and was now unwanted. We were further more suspicious that this was the case as it was now becoming evident that Annie was a very fearful dog and cowered away in fear when we approached her. It was certainly one of those times when we wished she could tell us our story. However animals have their ways and Annie was doing a great job telling us what she could.

During the coming days our vets and nurses cared for her 24 hours a day. She was x-rayed, she received IV fluids,she was given pain relief, we spent time helping her to eat and a nurse was never far away. Annie also had a fracture that needed repairing. Our team at Storrington are on site 24 hours a day.

Without any funding in place, directors Matt and Sarah gave the authorisation for us to go ahead and treat her as if she were our own and we are pleased to report Annie’s broken jaw was successfully repaired.

During the time she was with us she started to build a bit of a rapport with some of her temporary new AVG family, however there was one person Annie had her eye on and she knew just who she wanted to be with………… Our lovely emergency night nurse Lauren:)

Several weeks later, and with the assistance of the great people at Horsham District Council we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Annie – or Poppy as she is now called – is now officially adopted by Lauren!

We would also like to extend or grateful thanks to a charity we have mentioned before called Happy Breeds Foundation who kindly made a contribution to AVG to help cover the costs of her surgery and treatment.



  • What a heartwarming, if initially sad, story! I am so glad that Poppy has found a happy home at last!
    What a wonderful thing the lady who found her did, to stop and check her out.
    If I see an animal on the road, even if it is dead, I will always try to remove it to the undergrowth at the side of the road (if safe to do so). By doing so, I can check for life, but otherwise at least the poor animal will haves some dignity in death.

  • At last…..a happy ending! Poppy is the double of my pom who sadly passed last February suspected poisoning. My heart breaks seeing all this cruelty every day & I’d gove anything to hsve my girl here. Well done to your team & great to see Poppy has someone to love her. Well done guys.Amazing to see a vet do all of this work without cash upfront.God bless you all.🙏💜🙏

  • Thank you all for saving this lovely little dog ♥️ and l am so glad she has found a loving home.

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