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In the UK, there are two basic operating models when it comes to veterinary practices: independent and corporate.  When considering your options for veterinary care, it’s useful to know the difference.

The most common UK model is the independent private practice, like Arun Vet Group.  These are usually owned and operated by an individual vet or a group of vets, and may exist in one or multiple locations.

On the other hand, a corporate practice is run as a corporation and will have multiple locations regionally, or even nationally. These corporations usually consist of a board of directors, shareholders, location managers and appointed vets in assigned surgeries.

Independent v Corporate. Why does it matter?

While all vets – whether operating as independent or part of a corporation – have your pet’s best interest at heart, the framework in which they operate may impact on the level of care your pet receives.

Family-style, independent practices, like Arun Vet Group, tend to have low staff turnover, meaning your pet is more likely to receive continuity of care and see the same familiar faces who know their treatment history every time you visit. Similarly, as the pet owner, you’re more likely to form a one to one trusted relationship over time with an independent vet.

Importantly, an independent vet is not governed by corporate policies and procedures when it comes to making decisions on the best course of treatment for your pet. By the nature of their business model, corporate vets are influenced by and measured on shareholder profit. In some rare instances this may mean business targets impact on care decisions such as quality of medication or standard operating procedures.

This corporate structure may also impact on the speed at which your pet is treated. In some corporate practice structures, certain veterinary decisions may require permissions from head office. Vets operating in independent practices are empowered to resolve all treatment decisions in house, right away.


Why use Arun Vet Group?

Over 4000 owners trust Arun Vet Group to provide personal, complete and continuous care for their pets. We’re an independent, expertly managed and regulated team who are passionate about delivering the very best veterinary care possible. We never cut corners and will always take the correct course of action based on the needs of our patients.

Arun Vet Group is an RCVS accredited practice. This gives our clients peace of mind that we’re committed to delivering excellence in pet care and customer service. We take a proactive, rather than a reactive approach, taking pride and putting love into everything we do.

We’re always reviewing our performance and thinking of new ways that we can improve our practice. We’re not satisfied unless we know we’re giving everything to our patients.


  • Which is exactly why we are so pleased with the Eastergate branch. Couldn’t ask for better staff, Vet, and location.

  • After 40 years with the same independent vet practice in Littlehampton we were finding due to traffic congestion accessing the vets at times problematic plus the original vet owner had retired & continuity was not always available.
    We had been following AVG on FB & were delighted when they opened a branch in Westergate & we have not been disappointed, all the staff from vets down to receptionists are always helpful & very friendly & they all spent time getting to know both four legged & two legged clients…their facilities are superb too.

    • Liz Panter

      Thank you Sue for your very kind words.

  • Wow that’s my sons and jack russells in Bushey Park in the main image on your website. Brilliant

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