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What’s wrong with being a little bit overweight?

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It’s that time of year folks, where the waistlines have expanded and we regret that extra mince pie that Uncle Alfred sent our way! But what about our pets?

Unsurprisingly, our pet’s weight can have significant implications on their general health. Scientifically, it only takes our pets to be 15% overweight to be classified as morbidly obese. An average 5kg dog gaining 2kg over the Christmas holidays is the equivalent to a human putting on 14kg!

An increase in bodyweight can predispose our pets to developing a number of chronic health conditions, including:

o Diabetes
o Early onset arthritis
o High cholesterol
o Delayed wound healing
o Cataracts
o Cardiac disease
o Liver disease
o Poor coat and skin

Can we just cut down their food?

‘Complete’ means exactly that and by cutting down an average meal of a complete pet food, we are also effectively decreasing the amount of nutrients available, which can drastically reduce the quality of food provided.

Poor nutrition can put a strain on both our pet’s health and indeed our own purse strings. We should also consider how much our pet’s metabolism differs to our own and how this translates to how much we feed on a day to day basis. Most owners would be shocked at how much we would need to cut the daily amount fed in order to facilitate weight loss and no one wants to starve their pet!

So what can we do to help…

During the month of January, Arun Veterinary Group are offering FREE weight clinic sessions aimed at supporting you and your pet reach the goal of an optimum weight.

These free and objective sessions are run by our nursing team. The clinics include taking morphometric measurements and assessing your pet’s body condition score in order to tailor a weight loss guide to suit your unique circumstances. They include an initial assessment consultation and then complimentary additional sessions as required on a monthly basis.

Weight clinics are just one of the many complimentary services our nurses provide at Arun Vet Group. If you are interested to learn more please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of the team will be happy to chat through your requirements.


  • My dog spencer is putting on weight. Need a guide in feeding him, the trouble is the kids feed him all the time so it’s hard to know how much he is eating , please help tracey Sherrington

    • Matthew Gittings

      Hello Tracey. we would be happy to see Spencer for a comlimentary weight check. Please call the surgery to make an appointment.

  • Would selcome a complimentarfy weight check for Buddy….

    • Matthew Gittings

      We would love to see Buddy. Please call the surgery and ask for an appointment with Becky.

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