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We have great respect and admiration for the vast numbers of volunteers that give up their time willingly to help charities to protect animals that are sadly neglected, mistreated or abandoned.

These are the real unsung heroes in our pet community, working tirelessly, day and night to rescue these animals and give them another chance of life. Our team has pledged to support as much as we can and we have built close relationships with neighbouring charities – providing heavily discounted services and medicines in an effort to do whatever we can to help.   Many of our organised community events raise money for local charities with our aim to raise their profile.

Working together we have helped to care for many sick and injured animals, giving them an opportunity on recovery of being rehomed to a loving family.

  • Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service (Wadars)
  • RSPCA Mount Noddy
  • Dogs Trust
  • Cats Protection
  • Greek Cat Rescue
  • Worldwide Veterinary Services
  • About WADARS

    WADARS was established in 1969 and they work extremely hard rescuing stray pets as well as sick and injured wildlife.

    Our relationship with WADARS

    WADARS relies a lot on donations to be able to continue to save stray and neglected animals. We support WADARS by treating some of their rescued patients and nursing them back to recovery at a discounted rate.   A few of our nurses have also fostered and given a home to some of the animals.

  • About RSPCA Mount Noddy

    RSPCA Sussex Chichester and District Branch is a separately registered charity and one of around 160 branches that supports the local work of the RSPCA. They are completely self-funded and rely on donations, fundraising and kindness to operate the animal centre – Mount Noddy.

    Our relationship with Mount Noddy

    The team works closely with Mount Noddy providing a marked discount on all treatment and procedures, we also regularly visit the center. One of our vets visits on a weekly basis to perform health checks on all the animals including nail clipping and performing dental examinations. We also regularly involve ourselves in fundraising events and often make an appearance at the open days and fetes held at the center.


  • About Dogs Trust

    Dogs Trust was founded in 1891 and is now the UK’s largest dog welfare charity.

    Our relationship with Dogs Trust

    AVG are delighted to support Shoreham Dog’s Trust by providing veterinary cover and taking an active role in their shared adoption scheme.

  • About Cats Protection

    The CP was established in 1927 to provide a re-homing and neutering service for cats. They also provide an education programme, teaching adults and children alike about understanding and meeting cats’ needs

    Our relationship with Cats Protection

    Arun Vet Group provides a discounted service on vaccinations, neutering and all preventative health care. Our team helps to prepare cats for re-homing, which often involves microchipping, blood testing for FIV and FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukaemia Virus) and neutering.

  • About Greek Cat Rescue

    The Greek Cat Rescue team treat street cats needing emergency medical attention on the island of Samos. The charity also runs a neutering programme and prepares cats for adoption.

    Our relationship with the Greek Cat Rescue

    When the tourist season ends in Greece, many stray cats struggle to find accessible food and end up eating waste and scraps, which can lead to serious illness. We collect food either directly through the practice or via our clients and donate it to the rescue team in Greece to help feed as many cats as possible throughout the winter months. Our practice also donates a variety of medicines and veterinary consumables to aid the charity’s cause.

    One of our nurses has given a permanent home to ‘Athena’, who was rescued by the Greek Cat Rescue.

  • About the Worldwide Veterinary Service

    The WVS was founded in 2002 and acts as the core of a global network of over 500 animal charities. Generous donations fund the organisation, which are then distributed to different registered charities requiring veterinary assistance. The WVS organise projects and trips for vets, nurses and other volunteers. They have also set up an International Training Centre in India, which endeavours to train local vets and charity workers.

    Our relationship with the Worldwide Veterinary Service

    We donate veterinary medicines, consumables and equipment, which is subsequently distributed by the WVS to their associated charities.


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