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Heat Stroke Warning


With the weather due to be heating up, let’s talk heat stroke.

Please can we remind dog owners not to walk their dogs or take them out during the daytime in extreme heat – even in shady areas. Please leave them at home in the cool and either walk them very early (6-7am) or very late (8-9pm).

Dogs of all breeds are susceptible to heat stroke in this weather which can often be fatal. Also remember cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and all pets are at risk. Please ensure your pet has plenty of water available and shady areas to rest in. This is particularly relevant to owners of elderly pets.

We would also like to remind rabbit owners to ensure bunnies bottoms are checked at least twice a day and also to reduce the risk of fly strike keep the hutch extra clean.

Please be reassured that we have air conditioning throughout all of our practices, so your pet will remain cool and calm at all times if you need to see us.

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