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Blue’s surprise diagnosis

surprise diagnosis

A diagnosis of diabetes following a routine preoperative blood test

Blue was brought in by his owner as he had an injury to one of the pads on his feet, which had become very inflamed and ulcerated. He was booked in for surgery and his owner consented to a preoperative blood sample to give the vet a clear picture of how well his body was functioning before putting him under general anaesthesia.

The results showed that Blue’s blood glucose was extremely high. Although we can occasionally see raised blood glucose levels in stressed patients at the time of blood sampling, our vet was concerned Blue may be suffering from underlying diabetes. In the interests of Blue’s safety, his leg was bandaged and the operation was cancelled pending a further blood and urine test, which confirmed he was diabetic.

Blue was started on twice daily insulin injections. His owner was understandably very anxious at the prospect of having to inject him but after attending our nursing clinics she now feels much more confident.

We are still trying to stabilise Blue’s diabetes – it can often be a lengthy process to ascertain exactly how much insulin a patient requires. Hopefully his story highlights the importance of running a blood screen prior to general anaesthesia.


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