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Rehoming a little ‘street dog’ from Azerbaijan

Poppy is a well-travelled street dog who came from the streets of Azerbaijan into the hearts of all of us at Arun Vet Group.

In Azerbaijan, stray dogs are routinely culled and rewards given to those who aid the officials with their ‘work’. Poppy was one of the victims of this brutality, and her journey began when she was found on the side of a highway with traumatic injuries to her pelvis, leg and tail. Her rescuer – Lorna, who worked for the Baku animal rescue service – came across Poppy and rushed her to a vet who managed to treat her wounds and fix her leg.

Lorna’s charity rehabilitated Poppy and realised that although she could not walk properly, she was an affectionate little character in need of a loving home. A new home was found with friends in the UK, so Lorna brought Poppy back with her and visited Arun Vet Group fro an assessment of her damaged leg, which Poppy was dragging. Unfortunately, an X-ray showed that the leg had fused to the pelvis and amputation was the best option. When Poppy’s new home fell through, Abi, one of our nursing assistants, offered to foster Poppy whilst she received treatment.

The Happy Breed Foundation offered to fund Poppy’s amputation and Matt Gittings carried out the surgery. Poppy’s transformation was nothing short of miraculous! Instead of hobbling along in pain, she was now able to run and play all day. Her character shone out as a lively, gentle pooch who loved nothing more than a sunbathe and a cuddle! Abi rehabilitated and trained Poppy until she was ready to be put up for adoption, and over the months Poppy frequently came into work for a pamper and play with the staff!

WADARS (the Worthing and District Animal Rescue Service) helped find Poppy the perfect forever home, and six months after her amputation, in July 2015, a lovely family adopted her. It was sad to say goodbye to such a little character, but we are so proud to have given Poppy a new start in life!



  • She couldn’t have got a better home, I work with the guy who’s family adopted her and know she is in a loving home. Great story.

  • The family who adopted poppy are good friends of mine ! Poppy is so happy we have many walks with my two cocker spainals who adore her and must add she can out run them by far ! Well done to all the people for their involvement in giving poppy a new start in her life !!! Amazing story !! ??

    • Liz Panter

      Hi Donna
      That is fantastic news. Sounds like Poppy has found a wonderful forever home.

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