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Saving Marley’s leg

saving Marley's leg

Repairing Marley’s fractured and dislocated leg

A young cat named Marley recently suffered an extremely complicated injury to his hock (ankle) following a road traffic accident. The joint was not only dislocated but there was also a fracture of the fibula bone. Marley required some very complex orthopaedic surgery to repair his hock and the work required was more than the owners could afford, so they turned to a local animal charity for help.

The outlook for Marley’s leg wasn’t promising as the charity could only afford to amputate his leg. Arun Vet Group were approached to perform the amputation but Director Matt Gittings offered to perform the necessary repair for the same price as an amputation.

Matt fixed the fracture using metal implants while using an external fixation system to immobilise the joint to allow the healing process to take place – this formed the bulk of the metalwork that can be seen on the x ray images. Although it looks rather fearsome, the benefits of having most of the metalwork placed outside of the limb include less disruption to the soft tissues and blood supply to the bone.

Marley recovered well from the procedure and was kindly fostered by one of our veterinary nurses. After a lengthy period of cage rest, the metalwork was removed and physiotherapy was started to help Marley regain the strength in his leg.

We are happy to report that Marley has recovered well and is enjoying life on all four legs!

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